Mary Freer

Compassion Warrior

Mary Freer has worked closely, over the last 30 years, with health improvement leaders in many countries across the world to contribute to Australia’s healthcare system reform and bring about global improvements to social care systems.

Mary initially trained as a Social Worker and family therapist specialising in the prevention of violence against women and children. Her work has covered women’s and community health services, Indigenous food security, policy and research, improving service responses and large scale system change.

In 2016 Mary founded Compassion Revolution and set her focus on cultivating a living awareness of compassion as a more systematic and whole-hearted way of living and working. Compassion Revolution was designed to embroider compassion, kindness and respect into the fabric of our lives by prioritising human and planetary flourishing to build cultures that are caring, safe and inclusive of everyone.

In 2016 she was awarded a prestigious Westpac Foundation Social Change Fellowship and in 2024 Mary was invited to present her work at the Skoll World Forum at Oxford.

Mary has been the Executive Producer of five international Compassion Revolution Conferences and has built deep connections with compassion practitioners all over the world. Mary’s voice of encouragement, through her podcast, became a lifeboat for many clinicians during the global Covid Pandemic.

In 2021 Mary published her book Compassion Revolution: *Start Now; *Use What You Have *Keep Going.

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