Liz Crowe

Dr Liz Crowe is a staff wellbeing specialist. Liz worked for over 20 years in paediatric intensive care specialising in crisis, trauma, grief and end-of-life care with children and families. In the last decade Liz has expanded her expertise to include research and clinical work on the wellbeing of health care professionals, the focus of her PhD. Liz currently works as a Staff Wellbeing Consultant for the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and runs a private consultancy business. Since 2021 Liz has worked for ANZCA and authored the Clinical Debriefing Toolkit. Liz is a passionate and humorous educator and podcaster who regularly speaks internationally. Liz is the successful author of ‘The Little Book of Loss and Grief You Can Read While You Cry’ and the co-host of the nursing podcast ‘Five Things Nursing’.

    Morning Session 26th August - We Belong in Healthcare

    We Belong - Always